Karama began in 2006 with a single artisan partner in Ethiopia and has since expanded to working with artisans in 6 countries, affecting over 2,400 artisans and their families in this time period. Each purchase provides layers of transformation, yielding individual, community, economic and eternal impact.

Individual lives are changed when offered the opportunity to earn a living wage. Financial prosperity brings personal dignity, and cultivates entrepreneurship. Karama is especially committed to marginalized artisans, including women, HIV+ individuals, the disabled and the extremely poor. These individuals are restored and given a voice and viable place in society when given opportunities to work.

Communities change when people are paid a living wage. A living wage empowers an individual to be the financial force of change in their immediate family and their community. With growing prosperity, communities are able to provide for themselves food, clean water, shelter, sanitation, education, health care, and other basic needs.

Small businesses are key to job creation and economic development. Karama invests in local African small businesses through product purchases, product development, and on the job training. As our sales increase, jobs are created and our network of small African businesses grows.

Karama is dedicated to funding Young Life Africa's campership program where thousands of teenagers experience the love of God and many begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, often in the same communities where Karama is invested in local businesses. As Karama grows and reaches a broader audience, sales increase, as does our ability to contribute to the outreach ministry of Young Life in Africa.